Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deeply Shallow.

What does it say about me when I have the ability to read browse through a 20 paged pictorial apparel catalogue with no words or even prices printed in fine-print for a complete half-an-hour? Half-an-hour of course is considered a pretty long time to look at pictures, no? But jokes aside, I really can “read” a fashion catalogue for up till an hour without any words even. I guess I spend a lot of time studying the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the lighting, the models, the photography and what not. I honestly think pictures like these (in general too) are interesting and has a story or a hidden meaning the photographer or the designer wished to express.

Either I’m naturally inclined given my photography enthusiasm and fashion inspiration or that I’m just shallow. LOL.

I’ll stick to shallow. You see, just when I think I’m mysterious, sophisticated or even the least bit smart, I don’t appear to be. I mean, c’mon, I have female magazines and fashion catalogues practically, permanently in my bathroom (you know, to fill those free times), although I do change them regularly. That, compared to the photography magazines which I collect but never read, arranged neatly on my shelf for display purposes only (and to make me appear a tad bit knowledgeable, I guess). Of course, it applies for my school books as well.

What’s more is that when I switch on the television, the first channels I go to are the likes of MTV. I only make the jump from the movie channels like HBO back and forth to entertainment channels like E! network. I never stop by the Discovery channel or the least bothered to surf through it. I have my favourite channels memorised to go to them directly from the remote. Sometimes, I think the most intellectual reality programs I watch on TV includes American Idol and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (you go, Kim!). Whereas for TV series, I usually sit down for The Nanny and Desperate Housewives.

Wow, am I shallow or what. Feeling intellectually challenged at the moment.

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