Saturday, February 14, 2009

CNY : More Tripod Fun.

Started off the 2nd day of Chinese New Year at apoh's with plenty of eating, drinking and gambling.

It didn't take long before we started posing again for my camera standing on a miserable tripod while waiting for the lion dance troupe to come by the house.

Yes, we're really full of ourselves, verging on narcissistic and we really love having our pictures taken.

After a long wait, it finally came and the children were excited as hell to see it. No surprise, as it only comes once a year. Talk about anticipation.

Managed to get a group shot of everyone there then, this year - thanks to the tripod after all. Not a perfect shot, but at least it's something, given the rush of the moment.

Carried on the day with our annual visit of relatives living in hills and mountaintops, where electricity is a far cry from home. Then again, it's a once a year affair, reason enough to bear it.

We came, we saw, we conquered camwhored like crazy and trashed the place up before leaving, savagely emptying stacks of boxed drinks and packets and cans of tidbits. Oh, and collected angpaus as well!

And like every year, the one advantage of visiting these folks in the suburbs is that we get to put a hell load of explosives without getting into trouble (the sound is subdued and absorbed by the forest and the trees the house is surrounded by). Only thing this year, a young and innocent banana tree was the casualty.

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