Sunday, January 04, 2009

Perfect Distractions.

One would assume, after all these years of going through the same routine, I might just get accustomed to it and most likely feel numb about the whole process and just get on with it. But no, I feel oddly compelled to become my whiny self and complain over tiniest detail as I reluctantly pack my survival kit of books, paper and pen to embrace yet another school term. Then again, I can't help but wonder and be curious as to what this new (and final) year at school might bring to the table. New (and better) teachers, I hope. New school management? New furniture perhaps? I did notice the new paint job the school got as I was passing the school the other day.

Anyway, this year, God must have heard my pleas and for once, after so many years, he has shown mercy on me, for I've found a couple of perfect distractions to ease my emotional distraught and help me settle in school. One of which happens to be a DVD compilation of games which I happen to borrow from somebody from church on New Year's Day itself. Talk about godsend. Thank heavens for the DVD, I'm currently hooked on games like Ancient Quest of Saqarrah, Turbo Pizza, Diner Dash and Chicken Invaders, just to give you a peek. God knows I have a mental capacity of a 10 year old child which explains the childish preference when it comes to games. What with the regular crash and burn of the computer, I hardly keep these games on my computer let alone, get addicted to them. So I take it as some sort of a distraction from going back to impending doom reality.
Upgrading my pizzeria!

Apart from that, I've also recently downloaded a couple of new albums which not only redefines my taste in music and shapes even more of my personality, they are also great tracks to get hooked on before embarking on a new journey - which in my case happens to be school. They're also big on providing relief, relaxation and a singing outlet - songs lyrically rich with good rhythm and beat to go with with an added tinge of pop and also mediocre vocals. Yeah, Mat Kearney and Augustana are definitely my bounce back tunes this season. I just can't put my finger on it but something about their music makes going back to school the very least, bearable. And the reason that I'm surprised is because both their albums weren't easy to find on the internet. So to be able to place my hands on them this time around, it must be God's work.

Also, another distraction which I've just re-discovered is gossip websites. Celebrity gossip websites which were, by no means, influenced by Gossip Girl. Yes, I've stopped following celebrity gossip sites or paparazzi sites about a few years ago, because I realize I'll never be able to catch up with the frequent updates and stuff, which I can still recall. However, about a few days ago, since I found out about the death of John Travolta's son, I've been hooked again on JustJared. I mean, how could I not? I didn't know there were so much things I've been missing. And JustJared isn't any blogger paparazzi wannabe, the site's the real deal with all the hi-res pictures and legitimate info. Step aside Channel E! and magazines, I'm back online. Speak about being shallow, and getting caught up with a fantasy world - I guess I still fit the bill.

At least now I know when I get home from a tiring day at school, I have something mindless to do on the computer to help me unwind and chill - whether it's shooting chicken (and avoiding eggs) or listening to music or reading juicy gossip about the cast of 90210 - I know I've got it.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be spending my free time in school catching up on Jane Eyre and the likes which I've successfully neglected over the holidays.

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