Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past two weeks have been insane (and the weeks to come even). Never a moment for me to stop and breathe. School hasn't been entirely helpful with the sudden explosion of homework and assignments. As of this moment, going to school is like attending a daily crash course on Economics, General Studies and English Literature. The teachers seem to be trying their utmost best to shove the entire syllabus down our already swollen throats in the time frame of these few weeks. Just take for instance, in previous years, I used to be able to fill my first few months of school with multiple novels and storybooks as there isn't anything much going on in school. Now, the only thing I'm cramming down my brain is Chapter 32 of Jane Eyre. Yes, it's just been two weeks and she's a;ready finishing the book - the book which none of us in class had spent the holiday reading in which we find ourselves struggling now to keep abreast with the teacher's speed.

Coupled with that, I've just started tuition class on my General Studies as well. Above that, I still need to find the time to juggle between my school work, tuition class, house chores and club duties. It's a total whack at the rate I'm going now and I won't be the first to say that a trainwreck is bound to happen. Most of my time are distributed unequally for school work, after school activities, house chores and tuition. If I'm not spending my time, juicing my brain to do a proper analysis for one of Thomas Hardy's poem, I'm probably spending time drawing up organization charts for the club or arranging the details for the next meeting or even worse, compiling pictures for the school administration as I'm one of the many photographers for the school. Did I mention, I'm spending a lot of time on that because my computer's running a tad bit thin on space? It's like a spring cleaning going on in my hard drives.

Speaking of which, Chinese New Year is just slightly more than a week away which means I have myself knee-deep in the new year preparations. This year mom has taken the liberty to recruit me without prior notification to help out in almost all of her baking. Not that I'm complaining or anything. It's just awfully hectic to be coming home from school at 6pm (after a long drive) and still get your hands dirty in flour in making Chinese New Year delicacies. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy these frivolities at this time of the year, since it only comes once in a year. Even tomorrow, a Saturday, mom has told me to accompany her to the market at an ungodly hour in the morning to do some marketing (think spices, poultry, crustaceans and the likes) for the Reunion Dinner. Oddly though, I have been looking forward to this even in the beginning of the week, seeing that the visit to the market is a mandatory yearly practice - you know, to get in with the entire new year mood with the folks in town.

I'm also lacking on sleep. Yes, I used to limit my weeknights bedtime to 12a.m. the most all these years to at least preserve a little sense of awareness in class the following day. But currently, I find it hard to keep to this rule, especially with the amount of work I've been receiving. Right now, my bedtime's usually 1.30a.m. if I get lucky or if my eyelids suffer a spasm from staring too long at the monitor. So much for trying to correct my biological clock with a proper school time. The most sleep I get on normal days are about 5 hours or less before I have to wake up and prepare for school, zombie-like, no doubt. Even with this, I still have a tonne of assignments still waiting to be given attention too. All my work completed are usually sufficient enough to get me by the classes the following day without upsetting the teacher.


Talk about leading a hectic life.

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