Monday, January 29, 2007


As you can see, I've been pretty busy lately with schoolwork, tuition and the latest, wallpapers for the church website. I've been asked by somebody to snap the window panes of the church to make them as wallpapers for visitors to the website to download. Although I'm fully not sure about the quality of these "wallpapers" (not even sure if anyone consider these desktop worthy!) I'm doing it with only one objective, to serve the Lord. Apparently, editing this small amount of photos does consume a hell lot of a time, especially when you're working with an 8 year old computer which Photoshop runs like crap on. These are a few of the mediocre ones I've come up with and there're still more. I've got to send these via email to the person who's going to actually put it up on the site.

I'm still taking school lightly as it's only the beginning of the year. I've got so many things planned ahead. For instance, the much awaited KL trip to receive my prize! I'm leaving on the bus with mom tomorrow (Tuesday) night and will be back on Wednesday night. Pretty short trip, huh? Everyone's in the midst of work and studies so it'll be useless even if I stayed any longer in KL as no one will have the time to bring me around. Might as well cut it short and brief. Strictly for business, I'd say. Well, that means I'll be skipping school on Wednesday just for this prize-giving at Midvalley Megamall and will still have another day to rest when I get back, seeing it's a public holiday in conjunction with the Thaipusam festival. Initially, we did plan to visit Batu Caves (the most anticipated place this year for the celebration) but things didn't seem to turn out so we scrapped the plan off. Till then...

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