Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant.

Interior Design from Bali.

Twirling Toothpicks.

Wasabi & Sashimi.
Sizzlin' Beef.

Spending the new year's eve lunch indulging in such good food with the family seems like the perfect thing to end the year with. It was the festive season back then and there wasn't any normal set meals prepared. Instead there were a lot of of Christmas and New Year specials which we thought were fairly expensive. So we went for the a la carte instead. I would've taken more shots on the food (what's not here was Edmund's soba, Grace's udon and dad's tempura seafood) we had but when the food were served surprisingly quick, I had to leave the camera down. Pardon me for that.

Tsuruya is probably the only Japanese restaurant of its kind as we got a chance to meet the owner of the restaurant itself, Ricky and Ricky built his own business and he's not thinking of a franchise anytime soon. Tsuruya, as I would describe it, will only come across as the humble Japanese restaurant that not many know about but serves fairly good Japanese food. Surprisingly though, they don't have a wide selection of sushis which was kind of a let-down to me. I mean, after all, sushis just seemed to be right when it's Japanese food we're talking about. Plus, the sashimi we ordered was truly fresh and that's really a good thing, considering most of the Japanese restaurants we've ever been to usually tells us they've ran out of the good stuff. Still, their menu of rice, tofu, unagi (eel), beef, soba and udon (what else, Grace?) does sum it up as a pretty good place to spend the evening in the comforts of interior designs handpicked by Ricky from Bali and dine in the traditional Japanese style where you're suppose to sit on the backs of your legs in a kneeling fashion.

Tsuruya is located at the newly built i-Avenue (the bright orange building that holds shoplots left and right) building in between Bukit Jambul and Crystal Point at Penang. It's nearly impossible to miss at it is situated right at the entrance into the compound of i-Avenue. Even if you can't find the building, just stop by at Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex and ask any random person and they'll probably be able to show you the place. I managed to grab a card off their desk after chatting a little with Ricky and the original address and telephone number are :

1-1-38/39, MDN, Kampung Relau 1,
I Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 06-6410828


Anonymous said...

Love the food, ambience and service here! They have great dishes for vegetarians.

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