Friday, January 12, 2007

Additional Achievement : It Won!

This is kind of late but one of my submissions into the SONY Nature Photography Contest 2006 bagged a little prize. I guess it's safe to classify it as 2006's achievement seeing that the shot was taken last year and the competition was last year but this isn't on a glossy page now. I received the letter of notification two days ago which dad intercepted and so kindly brought it in the car when he came to pick me up from school, knowing how excited I get when I receive mail. It was sent by a courier, all-wrapped up in the bag, requiring the signature of the recipient before it was handed over. It did seem a little bit ridiculous to send a latter of notification by courier but I guess Sony takes CONFIDENTIALITY a step further, ensuring every winner gets their notification letter. I wasn't much of a surprise to me anymore when I ripped the package open with delight and anticipation.

Actually, two days before the day I received the package, Sony had already taken the liberty to spoil the surprise inform the prize winners of the contest through email. I realized, somehow, notification of anything should still be made through snail mail, keeping the feeling of joy or disappointment when opening and reading the hand held piece of paper in tact. Unlike scrolling down a list of names through the monitor, carefully scanning my name through it, hoping to find it somewhere along the line. No torn shreds of envelope the work of excited hands and a letter opener to speak off. Anyway, to find my name on the Merit Prize list was something that cannot be put into words. There were so many emotions at once. I felt exhilarated, the adrenaline rushing all over me, yet at the same time, I was a little disappointed. I figured out that I was disappointed to the fact that I wasn't in any of the three placings.

On second thought, I wasn't even vying for the three placings in the first place. I wasn't even thinking of winning, come to think of it when I submitted four photographs (a sign of doubt!) which gives me absolutely no reasons for me to be disappointed. Not that I'm comforting myself or anything, but I figured that one should really need to be thankful for what he gets. Seriously. I admit that I might had too much pride gotten into that head of mine since I got published that for a moment I thought I had this nailed! Now I know for sure that God certainly has His way of bringing me back down to earth, reminding me of my values and roots. I get too vulnerable at times - giving in into the materialistic and the things that can easily corrupt a man. So now, I can happily declare that I'm happy and thankful for winning (something) on my first photography competition ever!

Contest winners will receive the following prizes:

    1. Upper Secondary Category (from age 16 – 19)

    1st Prize Sony product voucher worth RM2,000 X 1

    2nd Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM1,500 X 1

    3rd Prize Sony product voucher worth RM1,000 X 1

    Merit Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM200 X 10

    1. Lower Secondary Category (from age 13 – 15)

    1st Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM1,500 X 1

    2nd Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM1,000 X 1

    3rd Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM500 X 1

Merit Prize – Sony product voucher worth RM200 X 10

So the email was a major turn off but the appreciation from mom, dad, Grace and akak was enough to compensate. Edmund is still too young to really grasp my idea of my passion that he gave a heaving sigh when I told him I got a Sony product voucher worth RM200. Put yourself in my shoe and you'll realize it's not about the amount of prize that matters. It's more about being acknowledged and being able to share this piece of art to the world - whoever who wishes to take a moment and digest the beauty of the photograph itself. I mean, if it's only a certificate, I'll still be happy and accept it with grace. Even so, I should be contented enough to be one of the 13 (upper secondary) students in Malaysia to be picked out for their photographs. Not only that, as stated in the letter, we are cordially invited to attend the "grand" prize giving ceremony to honour us "outstanding winners" on the 31st of January in KL. Awesome, huh? First trip of the year to KL to collect prize! Damn, I must be lying if I say I'm not excited! Can't wait!


teMMe said...

woweeeee congratulations dude! you totally deserve it. =)

5xmom said...


And hehehe, forget to tell you that I proposed that you help the church to take some 'desktop' photos. The multimedia team wants to put up some downloadable screensaver/desktop photos for visitors to download and your photography and photoshop skills will fit in nicely. I think someone will approach you personally about it but am excited to see your works being put to serve the Lord.