Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG Latest iPod Shuffle


Sometimes, for such a prestigious company who churns out omg-oh-so-good-looking products all the time, it’s amazing how Apple can seriously conjure a good level of hostility towards its own brand name. Coming up with new products is one thing, probably agreeable by nature but to keep using the old products and keep improving on them, now that’s something which just makes me feel brings out the envy and dissatisfaction in me.

I mean, c’mon!

Not only did they find the dire need to improve their range of laptops, resulting in one of the most slimmest laptops in the world ever made that I’ve come to know, they also took into much consideration and detailing into improving their range of iPods, now creating a tinier, slimmer and more attractive iPods. And in their process of constant improvement, they just had to rub it in everyone’s face with their ultra-sleek, edgy, minimalistic, clean, clear-cut and oh-so-glossy-and-shiny design, deliberately splashing it and applying them onto all their products.

Oh, did I mention, Apple also manages to bring the price down with every new and improved release of its older products. Ask KennySia! Though, all their prices still remains unaffordable to me. But at this rate their going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started giving away free iPods or MacBook Airs by the year 2010.

You know, I’ve always admired and drooled over Apple’s simplistic approach to everything and yet managing to keep them equally as sophisticated but this might just have pushed the envelope. What I’m trying to say is, do they really need to go “improving” mode on the iPod shuffle?

The iPod Shuffle, probably one of the most affordable products to mere mortals like me, Apple has ever launched, has now turned smaller and sleeker and also now comes with a bigger capacity (4GB) and comes with a renewed price no doubt. Not only that, Apple is introducing a new innovation packaged with the iPod Shuffle as well, the VoiceOver where a voice speaks out the details of a song. Plus, the new buttons attached to the earphones are so much more convenient.

Damn, listen to me. I’m helplessly falling for one of Apple’s gimmicks again! Oh Apple, why did you have to take your own products and make it better? Now it only makes my 1GB old iPod Shuffle looks bad. Not to mention the wear and tear effect I’ve made on it over the years. I want the oh-so-shiny new iPod Shuffle! It’s inevitable, Apple can really score with their marketing gimmick and I am one falling for it, no matter how much I tell myself that I don’t need it or how much I try to make myself hate it.

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