Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Initially, I was planning to spend this Valentine's day alone (as usual) watching Valentine. Ironic, I know but since it was Valentine's day and I had a sudden urge of getting myself scared or tensed up, instead of being all mushy and teary over a hopelessly romantic movie, Valentine came into mind. I suppose, the sudden urge of wanting to bite my nails on a lonely night came when all I could remember about the show was the "mask" that I could only connect with the recent Carver from Nip/Tuck and come to think of it, it's been a good 6 years since I last watched the movie out of a borrowed pirated 2-piece-CD which was of reasonable quality. After all, Denise Richards (big fan of hers!) is in the movie and guess who else, Katherine Heigl (Izzy from Grey's Anatomy!)! Who would ever know!

Anyways, I ended up spending my entire night, watching two romantic movies on satellite TV. I swear I wasn't planning on the first movie. I actually thought of using that time to at least have the courtesy to update the blog which is almost neglected by me. We'll save that for some other time, if I still have any. Back to the story. No one, in their right mind, would ever think that I'd ended up watching a 1992 classic love story between a bodyguard and a celebrity. I've gotta admit something although this might be kind of shameful, but I've never watched The Bodyguard before tonight. I probably did when I was younger but I have no recognition or whatsoever at all about the movie. Heck, I don't even remember who the hell Kevin Costner is! Though I did remember the "vintage" video quality. Kind of like Ghost. Damn, I can't remember a thing about it. Pretty pathetic, huh? These are all-time-classic-favourites and I can't even remember them!

Well, The Bodyguard didn't turn out to be the movie I've always thought it was. I mean, how could and 8 year old figure out that Rachel was going to be assassinated? All I did remember as a kid was that it was a movie with Whitney Houston in it and that pretty much sums it all up. The quality of the video didn't really attracted me but since I so happened to clicked on the right channel at the right time when the movie was about to start, I thought I'd give it a shot. Personally, I couldn't see what the fuss was all about when people talk about this movie. It certainly didn't deal much with the "romance" part. The story was more focused on the bodyguard protecting her life rather than the relationship they had. Kind of like and older version of Transporter, dont'cha think? Call me unromantic but I just didn't feel the chemistry of love in the movie. C'mon, give a dateless guy a break and shower him with more love on Valentine's instead of the decision between work and love.

On the other hand, Hallmark channel was a bit kinder to all the lonely people in the world, forced to eating ice-cream in front of the television on the couch with no one to hold or talk to by their side. Me not included! I'm just spending time, apparently enjoying the single life. None of the overpriced proverbial box of chocolates or teddy bear wrapped prettily with bows and ribbons around a bouquet of red roses that I need to deal with. Seriously, Valentine's Day is a "day" that's been over-commercialised and put unnecessary emphasis on! It's all made up to make guys spend that little extra cash to "show their love" or even "prove their devotion". Oh please. Birthdays and anniversaries are far more worth spending that diamond necklace on your loved ones, compared to some made-up "holiday"! Either way, being me, I'd prefer buying something more longlasting or at least, functional - that transparent toaster to add to her kitchen utensils collection!

My, do I get side-tracked easily.

I suppose Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door isn't easy, especially when both your moms are on an endless and mindless feud about Halloween parties, secret recipes and who gets the groceries first. Leaves both the lovers in a pretty messed up situation. Well, lesson learnt here, don't let mummy handle too much of your life or it'll scare the bride away! I must say I enjoyed the 2nd movie better than the 1st one. A heartwarming love story with a little tinge of comedy seems to be perfect for a loner on Valentine's. Though, I did allowed myself of the indulgence of some mocha flavored and chocolate chip cookies and some yogurt after that. Pretty much had my throat all tied up before I decided to put the cookies aside and curl up in the big pillows with some blanket to enjoy the rest of the movie.

On the other hand, Grace was out with Joe Han for the entire night doing God-knows-what. Didn't even see her tip-toed into the house, holding her purse and stilettos with both hands while Joe Han shuts the door, making the slightest noise. Seriously. A little drama could really spice things up. For what's worth, Happy Valentine's Day to all those who still think it's an actual "holiday" to stack up on roses and chocolates and also to those who still pronounces it as "Valemtimes Day" and have not a clue about this day. But to those who doesn't, welcome to the club! Also, I got hooked on Akon's new single Don't Matter on Valentine's Day and I think it's much better of a song compared to those two singles before this, which I thought were a bit x-rated. Personal preferences, maybe? This is as far as romantic I can go by myself on Valentine's, mind you. Check it out below.

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