Wednesday, December 20, 2006

1 Guy, 5 Girls and 2 Rooms. (cont'd)

Pretty turned off by my surroundings by the end of the previous day, I decided that I had to at least get something out of this trip. I mean, the least they could to the place was put up a Christmas tree or play a carol or two, considering how near Christmas was then. But, no. The place was probably run by Malays who don't exactly share the same cheer with me. Oh, and the cable TV was airing The Ring at 12.00 a.m., which I fell asleep while watching. Initially, I thought that it was a petrifying and gut grabbing movie, perfect for the night, but no, even the stupid movie was disappointing. Or maybe it was because I've watched Scary Movie 3 which is a crazier version of the original The Ring, that I didn't find anything horrifying at all in the movie. Unsatisfied by everything, I decided that one way of satisfying myself was a good photoshoot.

The whole time, all I had in mind was to go over to the pier and hope for a good sunrise. I don't know what was it but all I wanted was a good sunrise. Deprived of sleep from the previous night, I woke up at exactly 5.30 a.m. (I really didn't want to take any chances) the next day to make sure that I get at least one good shot for home. Grace said she would drive me to the pier but seeing that she couldn't wake up, mom was nice enough to be my escort and akak tagged along too because she couldn't really sleep well. We reached the pier at 6 a.m. and the entire place was pitch black that even the lake wasn't visible at the end of the pier. I guess I woke up too early. Mom and akak were still yawning away, while I was prancing around with my camera when the sun finally broke out. I admit it wasn't the most spectacular sunrise I've ever seen but it's by far the best I've recorded. We stayed till 7.30 a.m. before I felt satisfied to let mom and akak off the hook and proceed to breakfast.

After breakfast, we went back to our rooms and bugged ah chiu to take us (Grace,Danushya and me) to the water theme park, since he stayed for the night, too tired to hit the road after countless of hours, gambling throughout the night with sam yi, Uncle Rao, mom and poh poh. After much thought, he decided to take all of us for a visit at the Orang Utan Island and the Ecopark. There was a brief boatride required from one end of the lake to the other. There's pretty much nothing to elaborate after that. We saw some orang utans at a small reserve that doesn't resemble an island at all, took another boatride back from the place to the Ecopark (which requires a lot of walking, not recommended for old people) where we saw animals living in the natural habitat and watched a far too rehearsed Animal Show by the park rangers before we headed back to Penang after lunch. Everything was in a rush (because we needed to check out at 2p.m.) and my mood to shoot was pretty messed up. I can only register everything as a blur now. Just enjoy the photos, if it's even near enjoyable.

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