Thursday, November 05, 2009

Christmas Wishlist.

Christmas trees decked out completely with glistening ornaments of red and gold and blue and silver behind shop windows are sights to behold as you waltz your way slowly through the mall, taking in the faint and distant sound of instrumental Christmas carols. Yes, it’s only the beginning of November and the malls are already transforming themselves into a picturesque scene of a Macy’s shopping mall in New York. Lovely, truly lovely. Not that I have anything against it.

In the strife for higher consumerism by means of ushering the holidays to be faster than usual - through the sly gimmicks of shopping malls giving their customers a slightly altered impression of the holidays and plainly over-commercialising the holidays with new promotions, sales and campaigns – who’s to be blamed here? I’m just enjoying the jolly mood of Christmas, slowly making up my Christmas wish list this year. By the way, do check out the latest Starbucks Wish campaign, and try out their new drinks as well, *it’s like Christmas in a cup!*


One can only so much as wish for any kind of merchandise from GAP. However, to my defense, before anyone frowns their eyebrows over how over-rated GAP actually is, I for one honestly am attracted to the simplicity of GAP’s clothes, not to mention it’s simplicity and almost effortless ad-campaigns which only tugs at hearts with images of happy and beautiful people in their clothes and nothing else. Seriously, can fashion ad-campaigns get any simpler? Although I don’t believe that wearing or owning any of the GAP merchandise will make me look more attractive or necessarily a happier person, I do like to own a piece or two of its clothes given their all-American appeal and magnetism of its sheer simplicity.

To be more specific, I have always had my eyes on its jeans (their current 1969 Jeans campaign) for I think jeans are a form of investment and is truly worth the price. Apart from a good pair of Levi’s of course I’ve also always wanted a GAP sweatshirt (preferably an orange or gray one with the GAP word emblazoned in the middle) which costs almost the same price as a pair of jeans which I think are both equally long-lasting as well, not something you wear and tear easily. Plus, given its brand name, I think there’s a timeliness factor to it, meaning, it can even last to be a family heirloom and not look out of style. Until then, I’d be saving money for those and will be a very happy boy when I get it.


By the way, on a completely different note, a GAP membership requires a minimum purchase of RM700 or above. Pretty expensive and exclusive for a membership isn’t it? I almost balked at the saleswoman when I was told, short from keeling over and suffering a stroke there and then in the GAP store. One can only so much as wish.



With the current change from a chunky and bulky CRT monitor to a flat screen 20” LCD HP monitor, I’m looking for a change in keyboard and mouse as well, you know, to complete the whole ultra-modern and sleek look of the computer, despite its slowly ailing system. And what better brand to look for than a MAC? Rule of thumb : when in doubt, just go to MAC. I’ve had my eyes on the MAC keyboard and Mighty Mouse (not the Magic Mouse!) for a while now. I mean, c’mon, indulge in me a little. When a whole MAC system is not exactly what one can afford, the cheaper alternative to get the MAC experience would be through its keyboard and mouse right? Priced at about a hundred and fifty each, I think its reasonable for a MAC product isn’t it?

Or am I just being ridiculous and blinded by MAC simplicity and clean look again, just as I fall for everything else glossy and shiny. Although my reasons of wanting to get these might not be substantial enough, but in complete spoilt-brat fashion, I WANT THEM! Again, to my defense, I think its a good investment, no? I guess I’ll have to slowly retreat and save up again. I hope I wouldn’t be too old or crippled when I finally get to afford these. But I’m praying and it’s Christmas after all, miracles can happen right?


Of course, my long dream of getting one is still here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bored of my 3 year-old pro-sumer Canon PowerShot S3. I still take photos with it, just don’t post it up that often anymore. However, I think I may have slightly grown out of it. You know, like a good pair of Levi’s which you love but have gotten a little fat over the thighs and just have to go buying a new one. LOL. Hardly makes any sense or hold any form of similarity but it just feels that way. I feel the need to advance in my photography enthusiasm. Learn more with a better gear. Well, I’ve been putting this off for quite sometime as the price for a good DSLR is way more expensive than the two previous things I wanted even combined. So specifically, there is no model or brand I can name for I haven’t done my research yet. Still, no reasons for it to be missed out from the Christmas wish list, right?


Apart from all those ultra-expensive “gifts” I can still be bought with normal things. Who am I kidding? Any form of gifts will make me happy and cherish one more. As I said, it’s only a wish list and most of which I’m slowly saving up for myself. I hardly expect God to grant me any of it, given my bad behaviour and all. So please, do not feel the need to live up to my expectations. Some pointers, I still dig typical guy gifts like hell. Ties, perfumes, underwear, (not GAP) t-shirt, mugs, CDs or even a key-chain will make me incredibly happy. Real rule of thumb: It’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts. It still applies to me. Besides, it’s Christmas, it’s all about giving not receiving.

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